Hayley Loufek Profile Photo

Hayley Loufek

KU Class of 2015
Aurora, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago, Illinois, and Indiana

Here to answer your questions about…

  • admissions requirements, scholarships, and financial aid
  • getting involved in student organizations, such as The Big Event, to enhance your college experience
  • utilizing the #exploreKU and #BeAJayhawk hashtags
  • the clapping in "I'm a Jayhawk"

Ask Hayley

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Oswego East College Fair
Oswego, IL
Oswego High School
Oswego, IL
Resurrection College Prep High School
Chicago, IL
IACAC - Maine Township D207 College Fair
Park Ridge, IL
WEF (Wisconsin) Delavan Darien
Delavan, WI
WEF (Wisconsin) Franklin
Franklin, WI
WEF (Wisconsin) Kenosha
Kenosha, WI
WEF (Wisconsin) Hartland
Hartland, WI
Plainfield, IL
IACAC - Plainfield District 202 College Fair
Plainfield, IL
Infinite Scholars Program CF- Chicago
Chicago, IL
Infinite Scholars Program CF- Chicago
Chicago, IL